Driveline Team Services has been working with Major League Baseball and Power-5 college teams since 2012 to help develop their players in a more effective way. Our team services for both hitting and pitching offer coaches and player development staff the most flexibility to increase the efficiency and output of your Player Development programs.

We only offer staffing services and personnel recommendations to teams with which we have active contracts. 

Comprehensive Assessments

Our data-driven assessment process utilizes gold standard technologies in combination with our years of experience to capture a complete profile of your athletes to assist you in developing your players to their fullest potential.

  • Our team will travel to your complex, campus or affiliates and use our mobile assessment laboratory to generate rich data-filled reports on your players before the season starts, during the season, and at the end of the season so you can track changes.
  • Based on the data, we will include a proprietary and complete report per player analyzed, including injury risk profiles, bat speed reports, kinematic / kinetic sequencing graphs, and mobility deficiencies. We will also include suggested changes to throwing/strength/ROM programs for optimal performance.
  • These packages do not include programming and do not include direct teaching/coaching of your athletes.
  • Who is this option best for? Organizations who want to use Driveline Team Services and our expertise as a contractor to produce data-driven reports to augment their Player Development department.

Off-Site Player Training

Your athletes may be interested in using the latest tools and equipment to develop fully as a professional baseball player, but lack the facilities to do so. Teams have been sending us players to train at our facility since 2014, which can act as a secondary development site for your organization with quality coaching assured.

  • Athletes will go through a full assessment process and all reports will be given to them as well as your organization for later analysis.
  • Based on your requirements for the athlete and what our assessment process uncovers, we will produce a comprehensive plan for the athlete to develop their skills. Examples of specific skill-development packages include bat speed training, re-patterning their swing to produce better batted ball angular metrics, pitching/throwing velocity, pitch-type design and development, or durability-specific and injury reduction training.
  • MLB Teams: The best time for professional teams to send athletes to Driveline is prior to Spring Training, during Extended Spring Training, or during the Instructional League timeline.
  • College Teams: The best time for college teams to send athletes to Driveline is during the summer for comprehensive programming–or to be assessed over 3-7 days during any school break.

Organization-Wide Programming

Implementing change organization-wide can be difficult. We offer a custom-built player development plan, where our team is hired directly and acts as a coordinator-level authority on training athletes.

  • Our team will develop your organization’s pitching and/or hitting programming with full integration into your R&D department, Athletic Training, and Strength and Conditioning programs.
  • We work alongside your existing skill-development coaches and coordinators to develop a player development system for your organization to execute without input from us for the years to come.
  • We will perform a limited amount of direct teaching of your athletes, generally alongside your existing coaches to expedite knowledge transfer to your staff.

Skill Classes

Bringing our team into Spring Training or sending specific members of your organization to our facilities can speed up knowledge transfer. Skill classes are custom seminars on specific topics, and teach your front office and coaching staff how we execute on a particular topic.

Our two most requested topics are:

  • Pitch Design – Learn all of the methods on how we helped to develop elite arsenals in professional pitchers such as Trevor Bauer and Adam Ottavino. Through the integration of technology, sabermetrics, and good coaching, we are able to vastly improve the pitch profiles of our athletes and increase their value with high degrees of confidence. These methods can be deployed in your organization to gain a massive advantage through your coaches and coordinators in a very short period of time.
  • Technology-Based Hitting Assessments – Master the process by which our hitting team uses the cutting-edge technology on the market to not only gain deep understandings of the athletes’ movement patterns, but also the processes by which we change them through a number of methods to produce a better hitter. The integration between physical therapy, strength/power development, and mechanical instruction has been a major breakthrough, and we can bring that to your coaching staff in one off-season.

Technology Acceleration Program: Motion Capture

Driveline Baseball has led the baseball industry in the fields of motion capture using optical methods and inertial measurement units. We have the ability to design, develop, and execute an acceleration program to bring your organization up to speed in a fraction of the time it would take to complete internally.

Example acceleration programs include:

  • Deploying full Edgertronic high-speed cameras solutions at your complexes and affiliates, calibrating for light, distance, ruggedness, and connectivity to have the best pitch design and video equipment available on the market today
  • Building motion capture laboratories using industry-grade tooling at your complex to obtain data-driven pitcher insights on durability and training economy
  • Setting up K-Vest / BlastMotion equipment organization-wide to develop data-driven hitting protocols

We can tender maintenance and analysis contracts at the completion of the acceleration program, giving your organization ongoing support, analysis of the data generated by these gold-standard tools, and reporting on a regular basis to your front office. We can be your technology coordinators, deploying technology we have mastered faster, with partners we have deep relationships with, and with payroll flexibility not offered by direct hire options.