Driveline Team Services has a global supply chain that maintains a consistent pipeline of high quality goods and enables prompt delivery to domestic and international destinations. We have years of selling our products both wholesale and retail, and can supply your organization with steady inventory of quality controlled baseball goods.

We are also resellers and distributors for some of the cutting-edge technology on the market and can assist your organization with on-site product integration and remote support to ensure everything is working properly.

Quality Control

Driveline’s R&D department employs an American full-time engineer whose job duties include manual quality testing, documentation, inventory analysis, and product patent reviews. We also have global quality control agents who sample, check, and document product quality overseas before it’s ever packaged for shipment. All of this means that we deliver the highest quality and most durable weighted baseballs and Plyometric balls on the market today.

We also stand behind our products 100% and offer the most extensive and flexible product warranties in the marketplace today. Your purchase is protected and any replacements are shipped out within one business day.

Competitive Pricing

Large organizations receive significant discounts in exchange for commitments to purchase our products. Increased discounts are available for those who establish periodic supply agreements, such as yearly inventory agreements for baseball-related products – including but not limited to weighted baseballs, PlyoCare balls, or Jaeger Sports J-Bands.

We can accept purchase orders and offer term billing options for qualifying purchases.

Performance Software

Driveline Baseball Enterprises has developed web-based Performance Software that is used every single day on the floor and with remote trainees, which precisely tracks workload in both skill-based movements and general physical training. Our Performance Software also tracks injuries and assessments via our biomechanical movement profiles to give coaches unparalleled depth at understanding an athlete’s needs and preparedness. It is currently being enhanced by our software development team to include machine learning-based algorithms that will predict and project performance and injury, giving coaches an automatic heads-up and making suggestions on the fly – saving tons of time and providing insights not found anywhere else inside baseball.

Our Performance Software comes standard in any package that involves player development services, as it is our main method of providing your organization the very best reports and data possible.

Technology Integration and Reselling

We are resellers and product quality engineers for Rapsodo, the low-cost pitch tracking unit that college teams and MLB organizations are flocking to install in bullpens to give immediate pitch tracking data to their coaches and players. Rapsodo’s interface is intuitive and significantly easier to use than the competition’s dashboards. Data is available instantaneously AND in a powerful back-end dashboard for your analysts to digest and review after the fact.

Our product engineers and research team can sell you units at retail cost and provide related integration services at discounted prices for purchasing through our organization.


Driveline Pro Services is also the only sports distributor for Sanstreak Corp, the developers of the Edgertronic High-Speed Camera. Driveline Baseball was one of the earliest adopters of the Edgertronic camera and Kyle Boddy designed the multi-camera layout being used by an MLB team at all affiliates. Our team can sell you Edgertronic cameras at retail cost with purchasing terms and provide discounted integration services in addition.

Driveline R&D also demonstrated enterprise-level Edgertronic high-speed camera synchronization and genlocking software that will meet the needs of MLB teams who truly want elite video solutions with massive upside.

Our team is capable of on-site installation of these cameras to suit all your needs.

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