Our Team

Driveline Team Services is made up of the experienced employees of Driveline Baseball Enterprises, all who have experience working with professional organizations to meet and exceed their requirements.

Kyle Boddy, Partner

Kyle Boddy is the founder of Driveline Baseball Enterprises and the current Director of Pitching and Chief Technical Officer. Kyle’s experience in working directly for multiple MLB teams since 2012 in both Player Development and Amateur/Pro Scouting is invaluable as the leader of Driveline Team Services. His quantitative background includes being a co-founder and VP of Analytics for a financial services startup, a Director of Analytics for an online gambling consulting company, Data Scientist for a major tax software company, Network Analyst for Microsoft, and was a former well-known professional gambler in the fields of blackjack card counting and poker.

As the founder of Driveline Baseball Enterprises, Kyle has led the data-driven player development field for over ten years and has built the industry leader in both amateur and professional pitching development and research, adding a newly-founded quantitative research department in 2018.

Mike Rathwell, Partner

Mike Rathwell is the CEO of Driveline Baseball Enterprises and manages the day-to-day operations of the company, being chiefly responsible for revenue generation, inventory control, human resources management, and overall business strategy. Working in a team setting, Mike has overseen the bulk of the logistics and operation of Driveline’s work with professional and college teams. Mike’s management background includes developing a bidding process for a waste management company while simultaneously overseeing resource deployment, logistics, and analytics.

As the CEO of Driveline Baseball Enterprises, Mike has helped to grow revenue over ten times since coming on board in 2014 while building a sustainable shipping process and a customer service team that is considered to be the best in the industry.

Sam Briend, Director of Player Development

Sam Briend is the Director of Player Development at Driveline Baseball Enterprises. Sam pitched professionally in multiple independent baseball leagues after playing at, graduating from, and coaching at Oglethorpe University. He is responsible for both maximizing performance of the athletes and keeping the injury rate of the floor below benchmarks set based off of college and professional baseball metrics.

Sam carries a CSCS and a wide array of manual therapy certifications, making him an excellent hands-on trainer in addition to his organizational management skills in deploying our Performance Software. Sam was also the personal one-on-one trainer for Kyle Zimmer and his storied rehabilitation path in 2018. His assignments with Driveline Team Services will provide a well-rounded approach to physical development and injury prevention for all athletes he engages with.

Jason Ochart, Director of Hitting

Jason Ochart is the Director of Hitting at Driveline Baseball Enterprises. Jason played at Glendale Community College (CA) before finishing his playing career at Vanguard University, majoring in Kinesiology. He then started his coaching career at Menlo College under Jake McKinley, turning the program around while developing draft picks Max Dutto, Lucas Erceg, and Daniel Comstock. His hitters shattered NAIA home run records year after year with players who were previously written off (Garrett Gemgnani, Daniel Comstock, Jordan Getzelman), catching the attention of Kyle and Mike before joining the Driveline Baseball Enterprises staff.

Jason’s assignments with Driveline Team Services gives the team the ability to address position players using the same incremental and integrated development methodology we have perfected with pitchers, applied in a unique and specific way to address the needs of the everyday player.

Jason is unavailable for the duration of the 2019 MLB season due to an exclusive contract with the Philadelphia Phillies.

Joseph Marsh, Lead Engineer

Joseph Marsh is the Interim Director of R&D at Driveline Baseball Enterprises. Graduating from University of California, Davis with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, Joseph has been training and involved with Driveline Baseball Enterprises since he was 19 years old and playing college baseball. He is chiefly responsible for physical engineering of products that we prototype in-house, quality control analysis, and is our lead biomechanics engineer.

Joseph’s assignments with Driveline Team Services gives the team the ability to deploy advanced biomechanical analysis equipment on the road and with turnaround faster and more flexible than our competition can offer.

Alex Caravan, Quantitative Analyst

Alex Caravan is the Quantitative Analyst at Driveline Baseball Enterprises. Graduating from University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Economics, Alex leads our data-driven research writing, machine learning initiatives, and all statistical analysis.

Medical / Training Staff

  • Terry Phillips, DPT – Our on-site Doctor of Physical Therapy who works closely with all of our athletes, particularly rehabilitation cases
  • Dr. Curt Rindal, DC – Our contracted manual therapist and chiropractor (ART, Graston, FAKTR, SFMA); formerly a first baseman in the Milwaukee Brewers organization

Tyler Peterson, Counsel

Tyler Peterson of Peterson Baker Attorneys is our counsel for all matters regarding business, contracts, and intellectual property.

Trevor Bauer, R&D Consultant

Trevor Bauer (Cleveland Indians) is a consultant for the Research and Development team at Driveline Baseball Enterprises.